Who we serve

God’s Storehouse serves those who reside in Danville and Pittsylvania County.


Nearly 75% of students in Danville City Schools are on free or reduced price lunch because their families cannot afford to pay the $1.60 per day cost, and 45% of students in Pittsylvania County Schools are on free or reduced lunch. Over 16,000 people in Danville live on incomes below the federal poverty line. More than 6,500 people have incomes that only reach slightly above the federal poverty line and are unable to qualify for federal/state assistance programs. God’s Storehouse is able to serve the needs of these groups, ensuring cupboards are never completely bare and people can always feed their families.

Boxes of Food

The boxes of food feed a family of 1-2 people for 2-3 days.  Of course, the larger the family, the larger the box.  Boxes typically contain a number of canned goods, such as soups and vegetables, pastas, as well as meat and bread.  The type of meat depends on what’s available and it comes from several different places.  There’s even a program called Hunters for the Hungry that donates thousands of pounds of deer meat during hunting season making our food boxes not only well balanced but diverse.


Food Stamps/USDA Food

God’s Storehouse is also the local distributor of USDA government food. By acting as the local dispensary for these goods, God’s Storehouse is able to extend its services to people receiving Food Stamps. Distributing this food also helps alleviate the financial burden of the ministry because all government food is free to God’s Storehouse and also save the federal government from having to pay social services to handle the service. Still, USDA food supplements make up a fraction of the overall food budget for God’s Storehouse.
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Non-Profit food pantry serving Danville and Pittsylvania Counties in Southwest Virginia